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The Veterans Deserve Homes Project


You may not have known about this, but the Veterans Affairs (VA) offers home loan benefits to low income and disabled veterans in need of a mortgage. The VA does this by offering them loans with no down payments and no funding fees. Unfortunately though, it still doesn’t cover all the other fees that come along with getting a VA home loan. 

What can end up happening though is that these veterans can try to get the home with the benefits that they were promised, but still end up owing appraisal fees, termite inspections, home inspections, title fees, and other charges that aren’t covered by the VA home loan benefits. 

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Even worse, these veterans who are already disabled with low income are already at high risk of homelessness and suicide.

These high risk, low income, disabled veterans deserve to rise above the situations that make them high risk. Owning a home can allow that to happen. The cost for a mortgage can be significantly less, and in a nicer neighborhood, than the same amount of money could afford in rent.  Unfortunately, the costs that aren’t covered can prevent that from happening. That is where the Veterans Deserve Homes Project comes in to help.

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We have partnered with the Technical Assistance Partnership of Arizona (TAPAZ) to fundraise and make sure your donation goes directly to veterans needing help getting their own home. TAPAZ is Arizona’s top fiscal sponsor focused on human services and they will ensure that all of the funds raised go straight to the veterans. 

Why? The last thing we want is for veterans to not get stable housing that they deserve because of economic barriers. 

A disabled veteran working with Vet Your Credit and Creative Drill Sergeants.


Johnny Ringo, a disabled veteran, working closely with Vet Your Credit and Creative Drill Sergeants

Again, please consider donating to our Veterans Deserve Home Project and help ensure our veterans and their families gain housing stability.  

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