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“Out of Formation” A Healing Documentary through Expressive Arts

Vets Jam Band

In 2019 the VA released a report showing that at least 60,000 veterans died by suicide between 2008 and 2017.

Passionate director Stjepan Alaupovic, Owner of Clear Online Video, has produced a heart wrenching documentary that recently ended production in December 2019 about the Creative Drill Sergeants (CDS), a non-profit veteran organization and their mission to help Veterans through creativity.  This documentary details just how neglected our veterans are and showing their great resilience in refusing the unnecessary devastation of veterans today. An average of 17 military veterans die by suicide each day.  

The documentary features insightful interviews of Dr. Jessyca Franco-Chavex, CDS CEO Gina Ruggiero,, CDS President Lyle Dillie, Shannan Pahe along with notable Veteran artists Jose Andres Giron, Jim Covarrubias and Jack Etson Adams.

Creative Drill Sergeants mission is to prevent homelessness and suicide among military veteran and help create a supportive community for veterans to find healing and mental health help that a lot of veterans unfortunately did not have access to when searching for rehabilitation. 

The “Out of Formation” documentary started, January 2018, when Stjepan got inspired to search for beautiful stories never told, when searching he discovered Creative Drill Sergeants. 

Drawn by how unique Creative Drill Sergeants is, Stjepan got in touch with CEO Gina Ruggerio and started what he calls a powerful passion project. 

Stjepan and his crew donated their time to CDS along with musician Jared Chance Taylor who composed original music entirely for free.

“If we could save one life it would be worth it.”  said Stjepan, “We hope that viewers and veterans come into it with an open heart and understand limitations are truly a state of mind”

“We want to bring awareness to veteran suicide and homelessness around our Vets” says Gina, “because it is a huge problem. We want them to know that they are not alone.” 

This documentary will have a World Online Documentary Premiere this Memorial Day, May 25th. For more information about the documentary visit

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