Our Mission

Help prevent homelessness and suicides by providing our veterans’ camaraderie, mentorship, family healing and valuable expressive arts industry vocational skills for economic stability and successful reintegration into civilian life.

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Creative Drill Sergeants: An Introduction

Helping With Transition

CDS’s vision is to use Expressive Arts to assist in the reintegration process of Veterans and their families. Our intent is to develop effective coping skills and process traumatic experiences in a safe supportive environment for our men and women Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and other mental and physical issues. The result for the veteran and their family is healing through post traumatic growth.

Our Expressive Arts Program is designed to assist veteran families suffering from trauma and reintegration issues to heal as a cohesive unit by removing barriers, such as perceived stigmas associated with mental health issues, and employ Expressive Arts coping skills like art, play, music, movement, enactment, or creative writing to strengthen their families, stimulate the senses, facilitate self-discovery, and increases self-confidence.

Trauma Informed Care Practices assist our staff and volunteers to encourage veteran families to use the Expressive Arts for emotional validation, enhancing imagination and creativity, as well as improving mind–body connections.


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BloodQuartz Studio

Quiet on set… Rolling… And Action!  The expressive arts don’t just end at painting and music, and here at Creative Drill Sergeants, we understand that

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It’s Time To

Get Involved !

Expressive Arts Academy

Learn Media Production, Content Creation, Performance, and Film to develop and enhance skills in the Digital Arts.

Our Vocational skills training offers workshops and collegiate level classes online free to Veterans, Military, and their eligible family members.

Performance Program

The Performance Program provides an expressive outlet for songwriting development, musical skills improvement, and performance experience through public performance opportunities.

Operation Enjoyable Employment

We provide reintegration assistance through education, vocational skills training, and internships/apprenticeships to assist Veterans with procuring enjoyable employment. We collaborate with mission complementary organizations and businesses to assist with the transition into civilian life.

Vets Jam Band

The Creative Drill Sergeants Vets Jam Band & Music Performance Program works to bring in veteran musicians to learn, for free, how to work together as a performance group and to provide an expressive outlet for songwriting development, comradery, musical skills improvement, and performance experience leading to public performance opportunities for veteran musicians.