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Music Performance Program

Music Performance Program

As part of Operation Enjoyable Employment we assist our veteran and non-veteran musicians and vocalists to join forces and play as groups to assist them in developing and improving their performance skills. Playing music or singing is an amazing expressive and creative outlet for everyone, but performing those talents in front of an audience can be an overwhelming experience if not skilled in the art of performance. This is where our Performance Program comes into action. We strive to provide real-world performance opportunities to allow musicians and vocalists to gain valuable skills in the art of performance.

Our elite performance group the Vets Jam Band has been together for 2 years now and we are expanding the opportunities for more musicians and vocalists to perform by starting new performance groups. If you are interested in joining us to perform please email

About The Band

Our Vets Jam Band Music Performance Program provides our veteran musicians with creative and expressive outlets to share their love of music with the community, but also demonstrates, through our Operation Enjoyable Employment, the possibility to earn income as musicians.

Vets Jam Band helps Veterans find much-needed peer-support, mentoring, and even friendship through music that helps prevent issues that might otherwise lead to instability, homelessness or even suicide. We hope to reach more Veterans through our performances and inspire them to share their love of music, expand our program and entertain you; because Music is truly healing.

The Vets Jam Band Music Performance Program works to enhance Veterans musical skills with their instruments, vocals, songwriting and performance styles. Witnessing Veterans heal through music has been worth every penny our nonprofit and its donors and sponsors have invested.

Your support in our nonprofits endeavors to provide healing through musical performance will aid us to expand our outreach potentials and grow the program to serve more Veterans.

We seek additional support to grow our musical program with more performance venues, on hand instruments, maintaining & improving studio and stage equipment, offering advanced songwriting and musical skills enhancement with qualified mentors and instructors. [scroll down to  book a Vets Jam Band show]


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Our 501c3 Veteran Owned and Operated Nonprofit strives to meet our mission through creative & expressive outlets.

Since its creation in 2018, the Vets Jam Band has performed at several venues to include The Hard Rock Cafe, Last Exit Live, The Rogue Bar, AZ Latino Arts and Culture Center, AZ Veterans Coliseum: Phoenix StandDown 2019 & 2020, Fiddlers Dream, the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts and many more.

Our nonprofit music performance program works to provide musical mentorship providing veterans interested in engaging in musical expression opportunities for public performance. We have experienced musicians who mentor other veterans to engage in music and share their musical talents in public performances.

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CDS Vets Jam Band Performances

Vets Jam Band will be performing again this year at the 50th Annual Scottsdale Arts Festival March 15, 2020, at Noon! Come out to support our Veteran Musicians! Creative Drill

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