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Creative Drill Sergeants (CDS) is a Veteran Owned and Operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides our Veterans with economic empowerment and stability through Operation Enjoyable Employment. 

Support Operation Enjoyable Employment

We provide reintegration assistance through education, vocational skills training, and internship/apprenticeships to assist Veterans with procuring enjoyable employment. We  collaborate with mission complimentary organizations and businesses to assist with the transition into civilian life.

Many service members leaving the military are not prepared for the transition and have a wide range of needs that the CDS Mission and Vision address by providing multifaceted approaches to the reintegration of Veterans and their families. 

Many of our Veteran students have never attended college, some never finished high school, and for those who did reach higher levels of educational attainment, it may have been many years since their last academic experience. We meet adult learners where they are at through the intake process that allows us to provide education strategies that include creative technical and basic skills development instruction. 


We are assisting Veterans that may not have had educational success in the past, or have been away from education for some time with the necessary motivational support, through mentorship, to build their self-confidence and be successful. 

Veterans and their eligible family members can join our Expressive Arts Unit to participate in Operation Enjoyable Employment.

Get AMP Network TV and Radio
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Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio: Pioneers in Creative Broadcasting

In the ever-evolving world of media, Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio stand out as innovators. As part of the Creative Drill Sergeants 501(c)(3) family, these entities are redefining the landscape of content creation and distribution, while promoting community engagement and support for veterans. 

At the heart of this dynamic organization is Gina Ruggiero, the co-founder and president of Creative Drill Sergeants, whose vision and leadership have been instrumental in its success.

 Archeus Media Productions: Crafting Unique Narratives

Archeus Media Productions is dedicated to producing high-quality content that spans various genres, including documentaries, talk shows, and entertainment. Their mission is to tell stories that matter, focusing on underrepresented voices and creating a platform for meaningful dialogue.

Key features of Archeus Media Productions include:

1. **Diverse Content Creation:** From gripping documentaries that explore important social issues to engaging talk shows that feature thought leaders and influencers, Archeus Media Productions is committed to delivering content that informs, entertains, and inspires.

2. **High Production Values:** Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and a team of skilled professionals, Archeus Media Productions ensures that every project meets the highest standards of quality.

3. **Community Focus:** By highlighting stories from various communities, especially those of veterans, Archeus Media Productions fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of diverse experiences.

 Get AMP Network TV and Radio: Revolutionizing Streaming

Get AMP Network TV and Radio is breaking new ground in the streaming industry. With a mission to create a network of multiple channels that offer unique opportunities for content creators, this platform is setting a new standard for how streaming TV is done.

Key initiatives of Get AMP Network TV and Radio include:

1. **Revenue Sharing Model:** Show hosts, content providers, musicians, entertainers, sports figures, and entrepreneurs can share in the revenue generated by their content. This innovative approach empowers creators and incentivizes high-quality productions. (revenue sharing program to launch at a later date).

2. **Wide Accessibility:** Available on major platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV; Get AMP Network TV and Radio ensures that its diverse range of content is accessible to a broad audience.

3. **Supportive Environment:** The network prides itself on being giving, caring, sharing, and supportive. It is dedicated to creating opportunities for all, with a particular focus on veterans, disabled veterans, women, and seniors.

The Creative Drill Sergeants 501(c)(3) Family

At the core of Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio is Creative Drill Sergeants, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded by veterans, Creative Drill Sergeants is dedicated to providing creative outlets and opportunities for veterans and other underserved communities.

 Gina Ruggiero: A Visionary Leader

Gina Ruggiero, the co-founder and president of Creative Drill Sergeants, has been the driving force behind the organization’s growth and success. As an Air Force veteran, Gina brings a unique perspective and unwavering commitment to supporting her fellow veterans. Her leadership has been instrumental in the development of both Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio.

Gina’s contributions include:

1. **Advocacy and Support:** Gina is a staunch advocate for veterans, disabled veterans, women, and seniors. She works tirelessly to create programs and initiatives that address their needs and provide them with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

2. **Creative Vision:** Under Gina’s guidance, Creative Drill Sergeants has become a hub for creative expression. She has championed projects that highlight important social issues and provide a voice for those who are often unheard.

3. **Community Engagement:** Gina’s passion for community building is evident in the numerous partnerships and collaborations that Creative Drill Sergeants has fostered. Her ability to bring people together for a common cause has been a cornerstone of the organization’s success.


Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio, as part of the Creative Drill Sergeants 501(c)(3) family, are at the forefront of a new era in media. Through innovative content creation, a supportive environment for creators, and a strong commitment to community engagement, they are making a significant impact. At the helm is Gina Ruggiero, whose vision and dedication continue to inspire and drive the organization forward.

As they continue to grow and evolve, Archeus Media Productions and Get AMP Network TV and Radio are poised to set new standards in the media industry, all while supporting and empowering the communities they serve.

The Importance of Veteran Women in Media: Amplifying Voices Through Get AMP Network TV and Radio

In the rapidly evolving landscape of media, representation and diversity are crucial. Among the most underrepresented yet powerful groups are veteran women. These women bring unique perspectives shaped by their military experiences, yet their voices are often unheard or marginalized in mainstream media. This is where Get AMP Network TV and Radio steps in, aiming to amplify the voices of veteran women and provide them with the platform they deserve.

The Unique Perspectives of Veteran Women

Veteran women embody a rich tapestry of experiences and skills honed through their service. Their stories are not just about the battlefield; they encompass leadership, resilience, and adaptability. These women have navigated the complexities of military life, often balancing family and service, facing unique challenges, and emerging stronger.

Their perspectives are invaluable for several reasons:

1. **Leadership and Resilience:** Veteran women have led teams, managed crises, and demonstrated unwavering resilience. Their insights on leadership and overcoming adversity can inspire and educate audiences across various fields.

2. **Diversity of Experience:** The military is a microcosm of society, and veteran women often interact with diverse cultures and communities. Their stories can foster greater understanding and appreciation of diversity in the broader society.

3. **Advocacy and Empowerment:** Many veteran women are advocates for issues such as mental health, veterans’ rights, and gender equality. Their voices can drive important conversations and bring about meaningful change.

The Role of Media in Amplifying Voices

Media plays a pivotal role in shaping public perceptions and driving social change. However, the underrepresentation of veteran women in media means that many of their stories remain untold. This lack of visibility can lead to a narrow understanding of both the military and the contributions of women within it.

Increased representation in media not only honors the service of these women but also enriches the content available to audiences. It provides a more comprehensive view of the world and encourages empathy and respect for those who have served.

How Get AMP Network TV and Radio is Making a Difference

Get AMP Network TV and Radio is dedicated to changing the narrative and ensuring that veteran women have a prominent place in media. Here’s how the network is making a significant impact:

1. **Dedicated Programming:** Get AMP Network TV and Radio offers dedicated programming that highlights the stories, achievements, and issues faced by veteran women. This includes interviews, documentaries, talk shows, and more, all focused on giving these women a voice.

2. **Empowerment through Media:** By providing veteran women with opportunities to share their experiences and expertise, Get AMP Network empowers them to become thought leaders and influencers. This not only boosts their confidence but also inspires other women veterans to share their stories.

3. **Community Building:** The network fosters a sense of community among veteran women by connecting them with each other and with audiences who appreciate and support their contributions. This sense of belonging can be incredibly empowering and validating.

4. **Educational Content:** Get AMP Network TV and Radio also provides educational content that sheds light on the specific challenges veteran women face, such as transitioning to civilian life, accessing healthcare, and finding employment. By raising awareness, the network helps to address and alleviate these challenges.

5. **Advocacy and Awareness:** Through its programming, the network advocates for policy changes and initiatives that support veteran women. By bringing these issues to the forefront, Get AMP Network TV and Radio plays a crucial role in driving societal and legislative progress.


The inclusion of veteran women in media is not just about representation; it’s about recognizing and valuing the diverse experiences that enrich our society. Get AMP Network TV and Radio is leading the charge in amplifying the voices of these remarkable women, ensuring that their stories inspire, educate, and drive change.

As audiences, we have much to gain from listening to veteran women. Their courage, resilience, and leadership offer lessons that transcend the military and apply to all facets of life. By supporting platforms like Get AMP Network TV and Radio, we can contribute to a more inclusive and representative media landscape.

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