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through the expressive arts

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Creative Drill Sergeants (CDS) is a Veteran Owned and Operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides our Veterans with economic empowerment and stability through Operation Enjoyable Employment. 

Support Operation Enjoyable Employment

We provide reintegration assistance through education, vocational skills training, and internship/apprenticeships to assist Veterans with procuring enjoyable employment. We  collaborate with mission complimentary organizations and businesses to assist with the transition into civilian life.

Many service members leaving the military are not prepared for the transition and have a wide range of needs that the CDS Mission and Vision address by providing multifaceted approaches to the reintegration of Veterans and their families. 

Many of our Veteran students have never attended college, some never finished high school, and for those who did reach higher levels of educational attainment, it may have been many years since their last academic experience. We meet adult learners where they are at through the intake process that allows us to provide education strategies that include creative technical and basic skills development instruction. 


We are assisting Veterans that may not have had educational success in the past, or have been away from education for some time with the necessary motivational support, through mentorship, to build their self-confidence and be successful. 

Veterans and their eligible family members can join our Expressive Arts Unit to participate in Operation Enjoyable Employment.


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