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Women Veteran Workshops


Women Veterans Workshops

Express Your Voice During Our “Envision Your Vision Board with the Aroma Freedom Technique”, a workshop that starts March 9, 2018, at 12:30 pm with a Women Veterans Camaraderie Luncheon!

The Vision Board and Essential Oils Workshops begin at 1:30 pm on both March 9 and 16, 2018, and will be located at the Creative Drill Sergeants (CDS) Expressive Arts Academy:

503 W. Hatcher Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85021.

Surviving and Thriving by Focusing on Our Dreams and Life Goals!

We Will Be Using Vision Boards, Along with Aroma Freedom Techniques, to Envision Our Dreams and Goals Together. The Aroma Freedom Technique is a process that uses essential oils to anchor permanent shifts in our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes and will be used to introduce the healing effects of essential oils and how they can help translate into freedom from struggles that may hold us back from achieving our true potentials.

Workshop Goals: We are combining a Vision Board development exercise along with the Aroma Freedom Technique, taught by our expert Karen Janusz, to assist our women Veterans to Envision their future goals and dreams in a safe environment.

In Order to be able to take free workshops and classes, you must be registered as an Expressive Arts Unit (EAU) Veteran Member. 

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