Introducing our new Operation Enjoyable Employment (OEE) Program Project.

The Creative Drill Sergeants 501(c)3 Nonprofit values the H4WP as part of its Operation Enjoyable Employment (OEE) Program.

Our H4WP mission is to HELP VETERANS SUCCEED IN THE HEMP INDUSTRY. Transitioning service members who need economic stability have a vast array of opportunities for employment and/or entrepreneurship in the hemp industry. The H4WP includes businesses, groups, organizations and individuals that want to support our veterans transitioning into civilian life to find successful careers in the hemp industry.

We utilize all 2018 Farm Bill Veteran benefits to the fullest as a TEAM!

The H4WP was originally founded by Jarrett St Amand as a means to assist veterans with success in the hemp farming industry. Mr. St Amand is a combat action disabled Marine veteran and father of two young men, Cameron and Keaton, and has been a leader in the hemp industry. Currently, he sits on the Board of Directors for the Creative Drill Sergeants (CDS) Nonprofit as our Holistic and Wellness Programs Director. He believes that Hemp farming, as well as the many other economic and healing aspects associated with the hemp industry, align with the CDS nonprofit mission.

H4WP will be expanding its mission of helping veterans to become successful hemp farmers to include the principles of the OEE Program to expand its outreach, education and vocational skills training for employment and/or entrepreneurial opportunities within the hemp industry.

Vetanicals will be a CDS H4WP “White Label” product line name used for the manufacturing of botanical and hemp products made by, and for, veterans. Manufacturers can develop and produce their botanical and hemp products under the Vetanicals name to assist nonprofits to fundraise and help alleviate the discomforts many veterans suffer by augmenting the use of, or removing the need for, opiate pain medication. The CDS Vetanicals product line will help heal veterans and train them in product development, production, marketing, sales, and an overall understanding of the business.